The canvas which we chose to make our bags from is that very same canvas which the Land Rover use to make their convertible roofs for the iconic Series and Defender models.

The canvas has proved itself to be one of the best canvases in the world, on the roof of a Land Rover being driven through deserts, rain forests, mountains as well as sitting out on a farm in the countryside defying wind, rain, hail, snow and sun. All in a day’s work for the past 70 years.

The canvas is very tough and treated with a dry wax to help with protection. With it being waxed it is easily marked though this should not be seen as damage but as the characteristics of the treated canvas that add a unique look to every piece. Like a well worn pair of denim jeans.  

We take great care to protect the original look of the canvas so that all lines and creases are added as each bag gets used by you but depending on the intricacy of design and the number of times it gets handled by our makers and needs to go through the sewing machine it is unavoidable a few marks will appear due to the nature of the treated canvas.

As the bag is used it picks up its own patina. Often more white marks may appear. This is not a fault or damage but the natural way the canvas behaves in its own ageing process. These changes are only visual and do not weaken the canvas in any shape or form.  

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