Canvas Totes: The Defender Collection

Our Canvas Totes are smart totes, a mix of practicality, urban-chic and sustainable fashion; perfect for city folks.

The inspiration for producing our canvas tote collection was the trend that saw every brand in the country producing their own cotton tote. Our answer to the cotton bag trend came about when people started being more into recycling. The final product was the unique quintessentially British Defender Collection.

The true inspiration for the collection encapsulates its two core elements: Heritage and Edge, that together gave life to #Heritedge. The idea of using a high-quality fabric that was at the same time smart and ultra-resistant, contributed to the Heritage. We wanted to produce something more durable than high-street cotton totes.

After lots of research we found a highly resistant British Canvas that has been used by Land Rover for their convertible models for over 70 years. The Defender Collection was born. The iconic red trims and the sleek practical but classy look contribute to the Edge element of #Heritedge.

Our Defender Collection has been hugely successful over the last two years. So successful that we were invited to New York Fashion Week both in 2019 and 2020.

The showcase of our Defender Collection happened because of what it stands for: made in England with a British heritage story, cool aesthetics and sustainability. These elements together made it a product perfect for the catwalk.

Discover our Defender Collection part of our Canvas Tote Bags and Backpacks Collection. Most models are only available online.

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